• Allison Hills

Bonjour Marseille and Cassis, France!

Although we reviewed TripAdvisor for Marseille, we couldn’t decide on a tour that we just “had” to do. We hopped of the boat and decided to wing it😅. In France, they have plenty of taxis that hold 7🙌. We had no problem getting a taxi for our “large” family.

When we researched Marseille, we read that many take a ride to the small fishing city of Cassis. When we spoke to the taxi driver, he told us that he highly recommended visiting Cassis. Perhaps he wanted the fare, but either way, it was all we needed to make a decision😊!

Let me tell you, it was the best decision ever! First, the driver drove us to the top of the mountain for a view of the village and the sea. Then he drove us down the winding road to the village. *Tip alert- if you have a kiddo prone to car sickness, bring gallon sized ziplock bags🤢. We had them and used them.

We purchased caramels and candies in the confectionary shop. It was heavenly!  We decided that we are absolutely coming back to the French Riviera. Absolutely.coming.back!

The driver kept the meter running while we explored in Cassis for about an hour. The drive was about 40 minutes from the ship. The entire round trip was about 170 euros. This is so much cheaper than the excursions from the ship, and we basically had a private tour!

Our driver dropped us off in the old city of Marseille. We didn’t have any plans but knew we needed to 1) find a spot for lunch 2) find a France World Cup Jersey for Mikey and 3) find macaroons for Jack. We walked the old city, filled with tourists and tour groups, and settled on a small pizzaria that advertised frites, mussels and pizza. We found a table for five and the older gentleman that seated us did not speak a single word of English. He brought us a chalk board menu full of items in French only. In our experience, many of the restaurants near the tourist spots, have multiple menus. We tried ordering a chees pizza for the kids but were using our phones to figure out the menu for the adults. Well, this old man wasn’t having it. He basically kicked us out. It was incredibly rude, and I really can’t imagine a similar situation in USA. The restaurant was empty except for a few other customers! It really left a bad taste in our mouths and we decided to forgo a formal lunch in Marseilles.

Onward to find the jersey! Because the France team is sponsored by Nike, we searched for a Nike store and found a beautiful shopping center near the port (15 mins). We found Mikey’s jersey and a macaroons for Jack. We also found a French children’s store named Jacadi with a few items for the kids. Jack really loved it because the emblem on the logo is a “J”. The store was having a sale, but in order to get the discount, you had to sign up for a loyalty card. I did exactly that (she had me come around the to the register and complete the form)! Let me tell you, the key board is slightly different.

Across the street from the shopping center was another beautiful outdoor shopping center, with many restaurants. I much preferred this one!

Having completed all of our “tasks”, we returned to the ship! Other than the grumpy man, this stop was wonderful!