• Allison Hills

Hola, Barcelona 🇪🇸

The flight from Miami to Barcelona was about 9-10 and was very easy! When we landed and deplaned, we walked off the airplane (stairs only) and onto a shuttle bus to bring us to the terminal (I only mention this because, if you have roller bags, it is a PAIN!). Customs and baggage claim were super quick and painless🙌.We grabbed a taxi and headed to our “apartment.” What I am quickly learning about international travel is that everything is truly designed for a max party of four! When we entered “5” people into our search, a great majority of hotels were eliminated based on party size! I can say that this apartment worked out perfectly for us! We stayed one night at: http://www.basapartments.com/. The apartment wasn’t quite ready for us, so we stowed our luggage at reception and hit the streets!

First stop brunch! It was about 12 pm and quite a lot of the restaurants were not open yet. We found a super cute coffee shop called Pudding. The kids enjoyed bagels while Dave and I enjoyed cafe con leche☺️. http://www.puddingdiagonal.com/.On the way back to the apartment, we HAD to stop in the adidas store to get Mikey’s Spain World Cup Jersey.

After we took a nap, we headed out to explore. Tons of shopping here and there, plus a visit to the La Boqueria market http://www.boqueria.barcelona/. This was a Barcelona highlight for us! We enjoyed fresh meats and cheese along with chocolate covered fruit! This is a must!

Following the market, we continued to explore! The children loved the street performers and they were everywhere. When we finally stopped for dinner (8 pm 😅), and we had the entire restaurant to ourselves! Our waiter did not speak any English, and the kiddos enjoyed watching us try to communicate ☺️!

We ended the evening with drinks with friends at the highly recommended Old Fashioned Bar and the Bloody Mary Cocktail lounge. I’d say the drinks at the Old Fashioned bar were some of the best I’ve ever had (mine literally had cotton candy in it!) I love Bloody Mary’s so I personally enjoyed drinks at the second bar as well! Unfortunately, the party sitting next to us (possibly elderly parents and adult children?) asked us to be quiet multiple times because they were trying to have a “private conversation!” We ended up just leaving, but it was a very strange situation! We weren’t being overly loud, but the bar was tiny and you could obviously tell that we were Americans. I think that was the true reason– they didn’t like us in their bar😅! Anyways, I would still check them out, when in Barcelona! http://cocktailsbarcelona.oldfashionedbcn.com/wp/ and http://bloody-mary-cocktail-lounge.negocio.site/.

On Sunday, we planned on getting up early to sight see, but I think the jet lag (and that last cocktail 🙈) caught up to us! Check out was at 12, so we checked out of the apartment and dropped of the bags at reception again. We walked to Casa Batlló ( https://www.casabatllo.es/) and had tapas at at cafe close by. The kiddos were doing a very good job of tasting new foods- although they generally stuck with the safest bets (hamberguesa Por favor!😊)

Grabbed our bags and decided to try to walk to the terminal, because it can be hard to get a larger taxi (for five plus luggage!). We almost made it too! After about one mile of walking we realized we had to go over this long bridge to enter the terminal. Let’s just say, we found a cab.

Boarding the ship was the absolute easiest it has ever been for us! I think this is mostly due to the fact that you can start your cruise in either Barcelona or Rome, making for staggered arrivals (and a very interesting cruise itinerary!)


Bas Aparments, www.basapartments.com