• Allison Hills

Palma de Mallorca🏖

Bienvenido a Palma de Mallorca!

We did not have any plans for Palma de Mallorca, other than wanting to go to the beach because we didn’t think that we would not be able to go to the beach in the other ports. *Tip alert: all cabs in Palma only seat 5 total (including the driver)! Therefore, we had to take two cabs everywhere 🙈😳.

First stop, the old city. Absolutely breathtaking. We felt like we were in a movie scene!

Following our tour of the old town, we took (2) taxis to Palma Nova beach. This was a small lovely beach! If you wanted to pay, there were plenty of chairs and umbrellas available! We knew we wouldn’t be there long (the kids don’t really enjoy the beach) so Dave went to a nearby shop to buy a second towel. A playground kept the kids interested for a little longer! Edited to add: we warned the kiddos that some European beaches are topless. No big deal, right kids? Well Mikey reported that he only saw one at the beach. Jack promptly responded “she only had one boob?”

We left the beach in search of a late lunch. We ended up at a cute beachside cafe. The kids ordered pizza, hamburgers and spaghetti. Dave and I ordered sangria, beer and ham and cheese sandwiches. The waiter was very nice and because Mikey was wearing his Spain football jersey (2.5 days in a row now), the conversation turned to favorite football players. 

After lunch, we took another quick (2) taxis, back to the ship and saw the USS Winston Churchill in port!

Overall, a lovely day. We wished we would have spent more time in the old city. Until next time, adios Espana!