• Allison Hills

Positano, Sorrento, and Pompeii🇮🇹

On our third and final Italian port visit, we docked in Naples and used the same touring company as our other two Italian stops. The 9 hour tour was 550 Euros for our party of five. To give Marco (our guide from Rome) and run for his money, Antonio met us on the pier! Before I go any further, I just wanted to highly recommend Antonio for your excursion. He was professional, knowledgeable, and took us to the best sights in town!

Antonio drove us through the Almafi Coast, pointing out various landmarks as we drove. Our first stop was for a fresh fruit slush. It was absolutely amazing. You could taste the freshness! After enjoying our slush and taking pictures, we drove to Positano. The total drive was probably about an hour. *Tip alert: if you or your child is prone to car sickness, do not forget the bag🤢.

Positano was very crowded but such an amazing costal town. The drivers actually have to call ahead to reserve a parking spot😅. The big tour busses cannot pull into this town, but there were tons on medium size busses and vans to attribute to the traffic. We walked down the tiny cobblestone streets and popped into shops here and there. The town band actually paraded through the streets behind us! It was just unbelievable!

Next stop, Sorrento! After that meal, a few cat naps in the van were not preventable🙈. Although Italy follows the typical Latin culture of a siesta in the afternoon, the shops around the main square were open for tourists. We walked down the a narrow street and wandered into a lemon candy shop. The sales woman greeted us and probably offered 15 samples😂. We kept adding to our basket! It was hilarious!! We walked to the coastline and fell in love with the swimming coves created at the bottom of the cliff.

We left Sorrento and headed for Pompeii. We had no idea what to expect, but Antonio and the excursion company suggested a private tour guide for our visit. We initially opted not to do so, but quickly wished we would have. We had about two hours to spend touring the ruins and they were not enough! You could spend a full week and still not see all of Pompeii. We were able to get a general overview and have all decided that we will watch a documentary on it ASAP!

We headed back to the cruise boat in the port of Naples and stopped in a few shops in the terminal (yep, they got us good😂).

We are definitely coming back to the Almafi Coast! Ciao, Italy ❤️