• Allison Hills

Reviewing the Keto Krate 🥓🧀

It is no secret....I love subscription boxes! Although I am not officially following the Keto diet, I do try to limit my carbs here and there😂. I tried the Keto Krate in an effort to find some new low carb snacks. So far, I have received two crates and have enjoyed 80-90% of the snacks inside! I've included pictures below, but first, let's start with the basics!

What is the Keto Krate? The Keto Krate is a subscription box with up to 9 Keto snacks (5 Carbs or less) delivered every month. In addition to the snacks, the box includes $20+ in coupon savings. There are no contracts and shipping is free. The monthly plans are available for $19.99 (nibbler) & $39.99 (muncher). I've signed up for the muncher subscription.

Here's what I love about the Keto Krate: all the snacks are gluten, maltose, and aspartame free, the snacks are really tasty and unique, and you can generally order more of your favorites at a discount (using the coupons included in the Krate, or emailed to your account)!

Here are a few pictures from March's Krate (My favorite items were the pumpkin seeds and the coffee toffee☺️) :

Here are a few pictures from April's Krate (My favorite items were the Almonds and the Chomps Jerky☺️, I did not enjoy the Coco Polo Chocolate Coconut Chia bar😅) :

I know that you could probably find the items individually on sale for a better price (especially if purchasing in bulk), but Keto Krate is an excellent way to find NEW items to try! Most of these items are not available at the regular grocery store.

Currently, the Keto Krate boxes are only available in the US and Canada. If you would like to find out more about Keto Krate, click here!

What subscription boxes do you enjoy receiving?