• Allison Hills

⚓️ Welcome to Allie Underway ⚓️

Updated: Mar 19, 2019

I'm Allie and I have a super active, adventurous family! Although I've tried to travel blog in the past (at my children's request), I found that the travel specific category was too narrow for me! What about the life that happens when you aren't on vacation (yes, you have to go to school😂)!

We came up with the title and motto as a family and my boys even designed the logo on a flight back from San Diego!

Why Underway? Well, underway is a nautical term describing the state of a ship or vessel. "Way" arises when there is sufficient water flow past the rudder of a vessel that it can be steered.

A vessel is said to be underway if it meets the following criteria:

-It is not aground😳

-It is not at anchor⚓️

-It has not been made fast to a dock the shore, or other stationary object⛵️

My husband and I are both veteran naval officers, so this term has a great deal of meaning for us! Come with us as we get underway (and stay underway🤞🏻) on our adventures!